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Create. Collaborate. Celebrate.

Welcome to ReJoyce Literary Editing Co.

The written word has been around since seemingly, the beginning of time. Words on a page can unlock secrets, heal ailments, continue legacies, convey emotions, and so much more. 

As a writer, you are probably hoping to release your manuscript into the world some day. I understand you've poured measureless amounts of time and energy into your project(s). As an editor, I will help you finesse your writing. 

I ask guiding questions to best orient myself to your writing. Working with each author is different based on genre, experience, as well as individual wants and needs. 

Collaboration is key to a successful editing partnership and a satisfying experience as you continue your journey as an author. Being an honest, collaborative partner is a core value at ReJoyce, which is why my editing services come with unlimited pass/read throughs. I work with you until the editing is complete. 


Joyce seeks to understand the heart and soul of your work, and will treat your manuscript with the utmost care. The experience has been nothing short of transformative. Her insightful and probing questions pushed me to reexamine my prose in ways I hadn’t considered before.

What truly sets Joyce apart is her ability to preserve the author’s voice. Throughout the editing process, she skillfully made suggestions without overpowering my style, creating a true partnership between editor and author.  

Ryana Hunter, The Haunted Legacies Series

Joyce has a true talent for editing. By fully immersing herself in my story, she was quickly able to become an extension of my voice and suggest things I never even would have thought of. Her method allows her to pick out discrepancies and fine-tune the flow of a story. You will not find anybody more thorough and gracious, and I'm so beyond grateful she's a part of my team. 

Lauren M. Leasure, The Benevolence & Blood Series

Joyce is not just an editor, she is a full support system. She's there to help with everything from beginning to end. Joyce even provided encouragement when my writing required me to throw out the 'rule book'. She is involved and emotionally invested without taking away your voice. 

Deanna Hill, The Heat of Seas